Post-course Support

You are not alone with applying the skills from our courses. We support you to implement your own projects.

Our courses are for training practical skills which are applicable in your very own projects. Our consultation sessions after our courses will help you to use the learned skills in your special circumstances.

We are aware of the gap between training and application. Since training material is always tailored for training scenarios, it is a known issue that course participants encounter problems and issues whan they try to apply their new skills in their own projects. Usually these issues would be minor for practiced experts, but they can be inhibitory for someone novice in a segment.

That is why we offer our consultation package aiming for participants to our courses, so we can assist them turning their new skills, learned in our courses, to value producing practices. This way the covered training material do not stay at theoretical levels, but they can be used for the benefit of the actual pork process the fastest possible way, and raising the return on your investments into training.