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HiDucator is a company specialized to deliver online courses in the fields of bioinformatics, biodata analysis, and biostatistics.

We Are HiDucator

We are a company specialized to deliver online courses. It meets the demands of growing industrial and research interest for specialized knowledge in the fields of bioinformatics, biodata analysis, biostatistics, etc.The need of training in these fields leads us for establishing an online education service for a worldwide audience. The company utilizes our accumulated know-how from several years experiences in online training.

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Our Services

Company training

Get fresh, up-to-date knowledge for your company in the field of data analysis, become the leader of your...

Workforce retraining in public sector

Profound changes in the job market calls for retraining of people to posts with high demand. Our training offers new...

Bioinformatics Academy

Bioinformatics Academy is a collection of online courses introducing various aspects of biological data analysis. All...

Post-course support

Our courses are for training practical skills which are applicable in your very own projects. Our consultation sessions...

University courses

Universities which are ready to offer bioinformatics and molecular data analysis related courses gain competitive...

Data capitalization

Data is capital, in the most traditional sense of the term. Companies recognizing the value of their data are gaining a...

Our Difference

We believe in the power of high quality education. Our mission is to deliver our courses in a way what will offer the most relevant knowledge to our students, delivering the highest value to our customers, being them universities, companies, or individuals.

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