Courses at Partner Universities

We offer state of the art courses for your students and assist them to learn from bioinformatics experts

Universities which are ready to offer bioinformatics and molecular data analysis related courses gain competitive advantage and they are able to attract more and better student population compared to the ones choose not to do so.

Bioinformatics is an important subject for students planning a career in molecular biology, biotechnology, cancer biology, or biology related software engineering/software development. This area is changing dynamically since 2005, because new methodologies become established in molecular measurement technologies which produce large amount of experiential data.

You can use our courses for your benefit

With the bioinformatics teaching expertise of HiDucator your university can

  • Offer specialized bioinformatics courses at novice, intermediate, and advanced levels.
  • Attract students who wants to have specialization in these competitive subjects
  • Able to prepare students to be in a better position in the job market
  • Reduce staff costs of teaching these new and diverse subjects