Erasmus+ consortium

Digital Skills on Computational Biology for Health Professionals

HiDucator is proud to announce its participation to the 3 years project “Digital skills on Computational Biology for Health Professionals” (BioS). This project is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.

To reflect on recent technological developments in the field of personalized genomics and bioinformatics, a consortium of 13 partners was pulled together to join a diverse range of expertise to develop new training opportunities for health-care professionals, including medical doctors. This program will offer courses and training opportunities to learn about these technological developments and their application in their daily work-practice. The consortium is led by the Steinbeis-Transfer-Institute Therapeutic Communication and integrative Health Promotion, part of Steinbeis University, Berlin, Germany. Public and private universities, large companies and SMEs are participating from 8 European Union member states with background from bioinformatics research and development via course developers and organizers to medical professional organizations. During the 3 years of the BioS project (2018 – 2020), a new training program will be designed, developed, tested, and delivered.

At the end of the project, an entirely new training opportunity will be open for European health-care professionals who will be able to utilize the latest technological developments in computational biology and bioinformatics in their daily activities. This way BioS directly enhances the quality and efficiency of modern healthcare services in European Union member states, therefore enhances the quality of life of European tax-payers.